Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s About

1) Who can use
a. can be used by just about anyone! We are where America goes to raise funds. We offer solutions for individuals, non-profits, as well as businesses!

2) What are the advantages of
a. There are several advantages to our fundraising platform. Firstly, we won't tell you your cause isn't good enough! We offer fundraising solutions for individuals, non-profits, and even businesses! Unlike similar platforms that may limit your ability to raise funds for your cause. Secondly, our platform is professionally designed and updated constantly with you in mind. Lastly, we are safe. Rest assured that all donations processed though us are 100% safe and secure. We maintain the highest security standards, all with you in mind.

3) Are there any startup costs?
a. Not at all! There are ZERO hidden costs to We will only assess a support fee from your donations once your campaign is completed, which enables us to keep helping others.

4) What are the costs to use the platform?
a. We aim to offer top notch online fundraising solutions for low costs.'s costs are a simple support fee deducted from your donations once your campaign ends. Keep in mind that we also give donors the ability to pay these support costs for you!

5) Can I have more than one campaign?
a. Yes, Create up to 10 fundraising campaigns for all the causes in your life. School events, medical needs, family emergencies, sports teams or help for your pets. These are all great uses for

6) How can I market my campaign?
a. Marketing your campaign can be done in several different ways. Visit our tips section to learn how to successfully market your campaign.

7) How do I get help with my campaign?
a. Need assistance with your campaign? No problem, we are here to help! Email us at or call us at 855-655-FUND (3863) to receive your expert advice today!

8) Do I need to have a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google Plus accounts?
a. No, you do not need to have social media accounts to sign up for a campaign. However, it is strongly recommended that you do utilize these tools for marketing purposes. See our coaching tips sections.

9) Can I embed my campaign into a different website?
a. Absolutely, in fact we encourage it! We will provide you with a link to your campaign on your donations website. Use this link to help market your campaign and raise funds.

10) When will I receive the funds that I raised?
a. We operate on a campaign basis. This means that you will receive the funds you raised, less a support fee, after the campaign has been completed. Your campaign may last anywhere from 60 days to one full year.

11) Can donors give anonymously to my cause?
a. Absolutely donors may choose to donate to your cause anonymously. Donors are prompted with this option on the donations form.

12) Does monitor campaigns?
a. Yes, we take an active role in monitoring campaigns posted to our website. We work with users to ensure campaigns look their very best. This includes possible edits to campaigns by our support staff. In addition we monitor our site for obvious fraudulent or offensive campaigns.

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